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To Drum Or To Sing? Why Not Both?

In this band I balance two things: drumming while also singing the clean vocal sections of our music. I want to talk about how I learned and maintain my voice while playing technical metal drums at the same time. The hardest thing to do while singing and drumming is avoiding straining the vocal chords. It’s easy to push too hard on your voice while you’re multitasking with another instrument, especially something like the drums. With that being said I make sure to always have a lot of water with me and that I do some sort of vocal warmups before a set. Second, vocal warmups are super important. I stick to Melissa Cross’s vocal warmups that you can easily find online. They work very well for singing and screaming and have helped a lot. Third, make sure to keep your throat open, the more you constrict it the harder you’re going to wind up pushing. I position my head so it’s comfortable but the air flow is steady. Lastly, learning how to coordinate singing and drumming at the same time. The coordination with drumming is hard enough separating the arms and legs doing different patterns. Vocals add to that a lot, so what I do is simply play the beat and just mouth the words before working my way up to actually singing them. Eventually I get all the patterns down and I can do it with ease.

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