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Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Hi Dreamwalkers,

We want to answer the biggest question everyone has been asking.

"What can we expect from this album, what is the direction you guys are going?"

Well lets answer that question with a story. When we walked into the studio our producer asked us one very simple question, but disguised in its simplicity lay a very deep question. Before we began he said "If there is one sentence that would sum up your bands direction, ambitions, goals, and the thing that you defines you guys. What would that be?". The whole room stayed silent as we were thinking time slowly passed by it became more and more difficult to just even think about this. Deep down inside this was such a disturbing question. It tapped into everyone's emotions and how they had felt about the band. This was like giving the steering wheel to all 5 of us at once and saying make one defining turn that will bring you to the next destination.... Wherever that may be. Some people wanted to go right some wanted to go left or even straight. In the midst of a battle ground one sentence cut through like a hot knife through a wall of ice. The one thing that defines this band that we can all agree upon is; "We will never write the same song twice". The whole room started nodding and agreed. If there is anything that defines this band it is the fact that we always strive to write something different.

That being said, what can you expect from this album ? 10 songs each very different from one another! We have songs that range from heart felt, soft and emotional to bone crushing, ear piercing and destructive. We are so happy to have achieved this goal of writing a fully diverse album. We nicknamed this THE BUFFET (ALL YOU CAN LISTEN). Stay tuned as we start releasing more information and videos of our in studio shenanigans.

-Yours Truly Monument Family

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