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Why The V?

Hey Dream walkers, i get this question a lot so i decided to tell you all why.

"WHY THE V ?" Ever since i was a kid i had always wanted a V shaped guitar, because my biggest influences growing up was Dave Mustaine from Megadeth and Alexi Laiho from Children Of Bodom. They both rocked V shaped guitars and looked so bad ass! I would be on youtube watching countless hours of live concerts just imagining how it would feel to be up there doing what they do. And after a while i came to realize the benefits of having a V. I always play my guitars in the classical position between my legs and fret board upright. What more perfect guitar can you get other than a V? Haha, because that's the only way you can hold a V sitting down. On top of which when you need to bust out a solo past the 12th fret you can kick your knee up and have easier access reaching those higher frets which i absolutely love! Dream walkers, and that is why i use a V. Stay tuned i have some more fun stories i want to share with you all.

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